Saturday, April 26, 2008

Be Still...and know that I am God!

God is speaking to me right now. It is amazing when God speaks so clearly. He is stopping me in my tracks. I think you will be able to relate to this. He is screeching in my ears - "stop and be still!!!!!!"

For me, being still with God is a vital part of my mental and emotional health. I depend on it.

I thought it a cool thing to go buy an ipod. I have a bunch of downloaded songs on my computer from itunes, and I thought it a cool thing to be able to listen to them in my car (since my car has an MP3 jack,) but it seemed already archaic to burn them onto a CD. Soon, you add to the list and the CD is obsolete - you have now added to what you have on the CD, and you would have to burn yet another CD to accommodate for the new songs you have downloaded. How much better to have an ipod. You can put whichever songs from your computer you want on the ipod to listen to in your car. When you are done listening to those you can simply erase the ipod and put a new collection of songs from your computer on there.

The only problem with this has been - it seems that I just want to have the ipod and listen to the songs because it's the cool thing to do, even though my soul just wants silence and simplicity. For years I have not had a car with even a CD player. Little did I know that my soul didn't even need or desire to have music playing all the time anyway while driving.

I got a small ipod Shuffle, which plays only 250 songs, and you can't read in a window which songs are playing. To me, 250 songs is a huge number to have at once. I only have about 100 or so songs on my computer. Some people have many more. One guys said he has 4 days of music! We have got to unplug! With the shuffle, even though you can't select which songs are playing, you can choose to put only a select number of songs on at a time, and play those continuously, like an album. Even at that, it is a question of whether or not you need to be listening to a collection of songs, or be listening to that "still small voice."

The Holy Spirit needs to have our attention, and in order to have it, we must shut off other things. Sometimes even Christian music is in the way.

The thing that really got God speaking to me was that this morning was a decisive moment as far as if I was going to take a vacation in May or not. I have some money set aside to go on some kind of a vacation. I have had it in mind to visit relatives and friends on the East coast and in Toronto. But the problem is that since I live in the city, what I really want is to escape and run to the country. I don't want to travel on highways and join the cacophony of cities of the East. I dearly want to see the people that I have in mind, but not in this way, by means of a frenzied drive while I am in need of going off and being alone with God.

One thing we need as believers is to hear from God. Without hearing the voice of God we are lost. It is hard to hear God's voice in a rushed lifestyle. We must depart and be alone with God, get still before Him like Jesus did.

I don't want to be lost. I need Him more than I need my family and friends.

I also have pressures to be at home with my parents and take care of my dad now. It is so hard to get away while my mom is struggling to take care of him. I'm sort of in a trap. I would take a trip regardless, but it has to be guided by the Holy Spirit.

We must be still before the Lord. My spirit is upset until I get the peace that God is asking of me. Even coming to my blog today was pushing it with God.

Do you understand that sometimes the greatest thing in the world that you can do in God's eyes is nothing? You ask God "what should I be doing for you?" And He would answer, "please, please, for once, do nothing!"


Guitarman said...

I talked to pastor at a youth camp in Alberta Canada once and he said he had just spent 6 days alone on the mountain camping. I said how could you do that? Spend your valuable time away from your family. He said he never felt so close to God. Oh if we had the courage to experience God!

Gabrielle Eden said...

Yeh, and that is the courage to believe that by being alone it will not invite some weird experience of being with the devil or something.