Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Word Of God

At bible study today we watched a Voice of the Martyrs video about the Chinese Christians. The first DVD delves into the past - what happened to the Christians in China during the Cultural Revolution - all the gory details. They interviewed elderly people who are still around to tell of their twenty or so years in prison, still beaming with the light and love of Jesus after having lost everything, well, almost everything!

(The second DVD will tell about Christians there today.)

One thing that stands out to me is hearing of when there were hardly any bibles and were hard to come by and Christians cherished their bibles, or parts of them, above all their worldly possessions. One man told of people taking a piece of a bible and passing it around a secret house meeting where everyone held it and kissed it and cried over it.

Do you know the value of God's word? Do you know the power of God's word? Lately I've had a renaissance of love for God's word. I have this free time every evening when I get home from work and I have been dedicating many evenings to spending time in the Word.

I have typed up verses that pertain to each area of life - fear, financial need, healing, renewal and healing of the mind, sleep, etc. I have been reading these verses out loud.

I also go to the bible and open it up, asking God to lead me to what He wants to say to me. I also spend time meditating, so God can speak to me.

This can be life changing.

I don't want to take God's Word for granted. I'm going to eat it up and cherish it for as long as it is so freely given to me - with four bibles of my own, and how many others to be found throughout the house?

Your words were found and I ate them, And Your words became for me a joy and the delight of my heart; For I have been called by Your name, O LORD God of hosts. Jeremiah 15:16


concerned said...

Check out this video= excellent:

or just do a search on Steve Harvey Intro to Jesus. Its on youtube.

Gabrielle Eden said...

Thanks for the link. I just discovered there is a problem with my new Mac computer again, with the sound. I couldn't listen to the video with my headphones in the coffee shop, and so I couldn't listen to it at all, because I am in a public place. I understand Steve Harvey is introducing jesus, if he were coming back to earth - and this is like a stand-up routine.

It looks good, but I'll have to wait to watch it, and now my computer is out for repairs again.

Gabrielle Eden said...

Guess what? It wasn't my computer - it was my headphones. They are defective. I saw the video and it is great!

Jesus is one amazing man when you think about it!

And praise God, my computer isn't out for repairs!

concerned said...

Here's another good blog:
One of my favorite parts:
"How often do we walk through the day pre-occupied with ourselves, with our "problems," with our anxieties, often thinking that we are busy doing God’s work by simply worrying about things? Yet, this discouragement and anxiety is the very thing which chokes out the "good fruit" which would come from this seed by our simply being docile to the present moment—to moving with the Winds of the Spirit."
Michael O'Brien's work is certainly breath-takingly inspiring.

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