Tuesday, June 16, 2009

On Robert Schuller's TV program.....

a woman gave her testimony.

My dad watches on Saturday nights, and this program can be pretty light weight, but this night there was some substance. This woman had been into all sorts of things - drugs, addictions, she was in bondage. Some missionary invited her to the Congo for a visit and she went. I'm just relating what I remember of her story. Some Christians there bonded together and did deliverance prayer for ten hours for her, and she was delivered! She was set free!

My mouth just waters, my mind reels. Where can I find this kind of committed Christianity? Where can I find this kind of passionate love for Jesus and Christians who will engage in deliverance prayer like this, here in the States?

I knew this once. When I had my first manic episode, there was a group of Christians living in a mansion in the Twin Cities who did deliverance prayer. They took me in and prayed over me for three days! I was radically delivered and didn't need medication. I came out of the episode and began my life with Christ, and also found I had been baptized in the Holy Spirit.

That mansion no longer exists. I know of no group like that anymore. I know of a church here that says it does deliverance ministry, but I haven't investigated it yet. And you wonder if you still need deliverance in order to get fully healed.

I know a ministry that offers healing, but they hold back on deliverance. They say that if someone needs deliverance they have to be sent somewhere else.

We need people who will be willing to engage in deliverance ministry.

Please pray for me to find Christians dedicated to deliverance ministry that I can be involved with.

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