Friday, May 9, 2008

Goodbye Chocolate?

How do you retrain yourself on your eating habits? My doctor scared me that my blood sugar level recently shows that I am at risk for diabetes. I am going to the Healing Center for prayer for prevention of this disease and for strength to begin to change my eating habits.

We don't have diabetes in our family. My aunt developed it later in life because of overweight and didn't inherit it. She warded it off with diet and not insulin.

I had a bad metabolism change after my change of life. It seems that about 30 pounds just want to stay on me in spite of exercise and moderate eating habits where I don't overindulge. It seems that I am not metabolizing sugar and fat like I used to. Could this be causing a problem?

My doctor said that it's not real serious. The normal range for a blood sugar level is up to 100 and my level was 104. I'm taking a psychotropic drug that causes the sugar level to go up and it could be the drug. I need full healing of manic-depression so I don't need the drug.

But regardless, sugar is a poison. Our consumption of sugar is a problem in our culture and leads to disease. It wouldn't hurt to cut it out.

How do you say goodbye to chocolate? How do you begin to rid yourself of sweets and lower your carbs? It's so extreme. I love to eat pancake breakfasts with bacon. I love original Dove chocolate bars. I think I use food as a way to cope with life and maybe it's a crutch.


Bike Bubba said...

Goodbye Chocolate? Maybe. You might also see if trying dark chocolates would help. Some studies I've seen (my mom is a dietician) seem to indicate that the person who eats too much (say like "me") is often simply trying to get a certain amount of taste--and that adding a few more spices, or going to a better quality, more flavorful version of what they love does wonders.

Just a thought.....I know my chocolate consumption is way lower since I got introduced to the good stuff, and the hot fudge and brownies I make are routinely commended as the "PMS" versions.

Gabrielle Eden said...

Thanks Bike,

That is very positive! You are a ah..."sweet" heart. I absolutely love dark chocolate! I know that if I try to just starve myself completely of rich food it probably won't work. My brother in California (those Californians!) does do that. He is on some kind of Atkins type diet, and is insanely thin.
He is able to sustain that - no potatoes, bread, sweets. etc. I have thought, well, maybe I can do that, but, I don't know....

heaven57bus said...

To "Gabrielle": you mentioned difficulty shedding excess pounds,etc. I have a tip for you which might help; try using a fiber supplement before/during mealtimes.
I discovered fiber supplement at a GNC store in 2005; and has been an excellent product for me in my experience. GNC sells a natural fiber supplement called Colon Pure; it's made of purified psyllium husk, it's like a powder you mix in with any liquid & drink.
I have found that consuming a healthy-size dose of this before or during a meal of food causes me to want to eat less food. This is because the fiber contributes to the filling of your stomach, causing you to feel full faster & then you will eat less actual food with each meal.
The fiber is non-soluble (I think), which should mean that it will pass through your digestive system without being absorbed. The fiber has side benefits too: such as causing easier, healthier bowel movements; causes faster "transit" time; and seems to cause a "flushing" of your intestines & colon.
It's an amazing product!!! Try it for a week & see if you don't agree.
If it causes you to eat less actual food at mealtimes, then eventually you should lose weight.
Of course, double-check my advice with your doctor & the ppl. at GNC or other health food stores: get their opinion/advice to see what they say. My advice above is just one person's opinion. As the Bible says: "there is wisdom in a multitude of counselors".
from heaven57bus