Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Fusion Worship

God has led me in a peculiar way to a young adult fellowship at a large church in New Hope called Fusion Worship. I started going there because I was longing for contemporary worship music that would lift me to worship God. Music is very important to me. I need new music, and new music helps me to open up to God and worship Him.

I don't particularly like the worship at the regular morning service at New Hope Church, but I heard about the young adult worship on Sunday nights. I figured that the music was going to be fresh and contemporary and would fit the bill. Sure enough, it does. But it came with a surprise - the teaching by the pastor of Fusion Worship, Bryan McWhite.

Bryan has been doing a series of sermons on First Corinthians called "Screwed Up Saints." He has been carefully explicating the scripture from the beginning of the book to the 7th chapter, where we are now. Where we are now requires that you talk about sex, and he talks about it with such openness, and it is liberating. He says he will make no apologies for talking so openly about sex. He says the bible talks freely, frankly and frequently about it, and so should we.

Go here to see Bryan's website - "The Weight of Glory" His subtitle is: "Dispatches from a God-entranced Minnesotan." You can download the podcast there and all the sermons he has done so far on First Corinthians.

I am out of the age-group, yet have been welcomed in, even to be in a small group with the community. They have been awesome and Christ-like.

I am in a small group with Zach O'Neil whose testimony you will find on the list of podcasts. Be sure to check that out because his testimony is amazing. His life has been so changed. (I haven't figured out how to put podcast material on my blog yet.)

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