Monday, July 16, 2007

Blogging Pays Off

James Lileks at the tail end of the evening, puffing

The Minnesota Bloggers just got together Saturday night and it was fun. I stole these pics from Kingdavid, because I didn't bring my camera. The pic above is of Reverend mother, Nightwriter's wife, and Mall Diva, his daughter, and Ben (Hammerswing 75). Rev. mother and Mall Diva left funny comments on a post about Iran's Mahmoud back a few months ago. All our hard work blogging finally culminates in meeting the friends we've made on the internet. Actually, we've met before, but it was fun meeting again.

Here's kingdavid, and a shot of the outdoor garden where our soiree was held.

Here is Ben (Hammerswing75) Kingdavid(The Far Wright) and me! Ben and Kingdavid's sites are the ones I frequent the most. Oh boy, I've got the heavies on me! Which reminds me. I'm not exactly free from fat, but my blog name I'm Free Now is somewhat prophetic and not yet true. When i started my blog, Go Free Now I was getting totally free in every area, and wanted to name it Free At Last, but that was taken. I'm Free Now is the next best thing. When I started a new blog I picked I'm Free Now. Since the whole starting of a blog, my life has taken some turns. You could say I took three steps forward and then one step backward. So, I'm still getting free, but prophetically I am free now!

I got to meet Dan S. at the soiree who comments on Kingdavid's site, but missed seeing Bike Bubba who is a local who shows up at Kingdavid's, Ben's and my site. Ben just reminded me that we stayed after some of the others left and sat at table with James Lileks and a couple others to talk. Ben got into a heavy discussion with those guys and I just listened. To all you bloggers outside Minnesota - wish you could've been here!

One thing I can tell you. Not only is Ben photogenic. He is personality plus!


Mall Diva said...

Hey Gabrielle! It was super fun to meet you for real!

Ben Worley said...

Ahhhh, you're making me blush. ;) It was good to see you too.

BTW, I can't believe you didn't mention sitting in on a conversation with James Lileks! That was loads of fun.

Gabrielle Eden said...

What? Which one was he? Sorry. That was fun but didn't know we were with him. I was early when I got to my parking and was debating about going back for some more conversation.

Mall Diva, it was fun meeting you for real too. You look great!

Mall Diva said...

Oh, thanks! *blush*