Saturday, July 28, 2007

My Communion Prayer

Note: In praying this, if you can't think of a sin, just put the word "anything" in the blank. God will show you something if there is anything. If He doesn't show you anything, don't dig, don't get introspective. Just go on. If He does show you something, helplessly leave that sin at the feet of His mercy and don't try to change it yourself. Let Him change it. Also, don't worry about what you need to be healed of. You don't need to say it. God knows, and you only need to be thinking of it.

Prayer: Father in heaven, I examine myself today to see if there is anything in me that is displeasing to You. In Jesus name I ask You to forgive me for _______, and to release me from the power of this sin. I break the hold of my judgment against anyone who has hurt me and allow him or her to go free of me. I ask you to forgive me for any part I had in causing this and to cleanse me.

And now we will repeat the words of Jesus as He broke bread with His disciples:

Take, eat, this is my body, like the body of the Lamb eaten by Israel, broken for you to bear your sins, so you may die to sin and live to righteousness. This body heals you of the results of sin, and heals the body. Do this in remembrance of me.

Drink, for this is my blood of the new covenant, not the old covenant of the blood of animals, but the new covenant of the blood of the eternal Lamb of God. This was shed for you to pardon sin, to release you from sin. This blood sets you free from the destruction that sin has caused, and heals the soul. Do this in remembrance of me.

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