Thursday, July 26, 2007

More Proof That Cats Are Smart

Oscar the cat seems to have an uncanny knack for predicting when nursing home patients are going to die, by curling up next to them during their final hours.

His accuracy, observed in 25 cases, has led the staff to call family members once he has chosen someone. It usually means they have less than four hours to live.

Read story here.

This makes me think of how smart cats are, and how sweet too, cuddling up next to a dying person. I can just imagine that, from my experience with cats, that a cat would feel sympathy for the ailment of an ailing body and seek to bring comfort and health. They are divine.


David said...

Hello girl.

I didn't know you still lived on planet earth.

kingdavid said...

I can't wait for the made for T.V. movie to come out.

I can't leave comments as often as I'd like because of the no anonymous comments. Often, during the day, I just leave comments at other sites under anonymous and sign my name.

I check your posts daily though.

Gabrielle Eden said...

I didn't know I was doing that. How do I change that?

Gabrielle Eden said...

Why do you have to be anonymous? Why can't you just be kingdavid?

Gabrielle Eden said...

I think I just changed it.

Gabrielle Eden said...

Oh, by the way, David, hi!

Anonymous said...

Hi back. This is better. I don't log in to my account often during the day, but I still have time to soar around the blogosphere and drop comments as I feel the need.

They had a story about this cat on the local news last night. It's probably getting to the point where just the stress of having this cat get near them is what's killing them off. The old tickers just can't handle the spike.


Night Writer said...

Hmmm. The cat shows up, people die. Is he a helper....or a suspect?

Gabrielle Eden said...

You guys - that's hilarious! Never even thought of that! and hey, look at how many times I appear in my imitation Scandinavian sweater here! Whew! This, by the way is a second hand sweater I got from a thrift store. Sure got a lot of mileage from it, eh?