Friday, November 9, 2007

Supernatural Provision

Supernatural provision comes only as we exercise kingdom authority in absolute dependence.

Many of the resourced in the West are desperate for the first two dynamics: the miracles and the increase of kingdom authority. The third, absolute dependence, calls forth all manner of disturbing questions, among them: "What am I yet holding on to, yet grasping, clinging to and depending on? What am I afraid of? And knowing that grace is given to the humble, what am I yet proud of?"

Guy Chevreau, from the book Turnings


kingdavid said...

I may have to get this book. I am really struggling in this area. The feeling of dependance is fine when all is well in your world; but, we are seriously struggling right now, and that struggle is coming through my relationship with God as well.

Some days I just feel I will never, ever be the kind of Christian I should be, and it's scary and frustrating.

Gabrielle Eden said...

Get the book! He is into a world view of Christianity, one that I latched on to when I was going to this church in Toronto. And he is in a positive, authority over the devil kind of view that is so helpful. And David - I do know what you mean. God will answer you as He will answer me. You have the real kind of searching that will lead you to the door of real discovery. I see the genuineness of your heart.

I will be posting more on what this book has been revealing to me in the area of finances, etc.

I have fallen so short too. The real believer is so imperfect, and has to plow through so much flesh, and wins inch by inch. Just don't give up, and win by the power of the Holy Spirit, not by your own strength. I learned so much in Toronto about things being God's work and not our own.