Thursday, February 14, 2008


I never knew til this February 14th about the real origin of Valentine's day. Once again, Christians were trying to replace a pagan holiday with a Christian one. But Saint Valentine truly was a saint!

Voice of the Martyrs wrote about Saint Valentine in their monthly magazine for February. February 14th , the day we exchange valentines, is the day in 269AD when "Valentine," or Valentinus, was executed. Valentinus conducted secret marriage ceremonies for believers when the Roman emperor, known as Claudius the Cruel, forbade marriages.

Valentinus was a true romantic. He knew our conversion to the Kingdom of God (a type of marriage) lasts forever. He risked his life for this kingdom. It is not an accident that the words bride and bridegroom are used by Jesus in an eternal, spiritual context.

Before Valentinus was executed by the Roman authorities, he boldly presented Jesus as the Son of God to the emperor. Valentinus was an underground Christian leader who was not afraid to bring his faith above ground, knowing it was the right time.

Underground Christian marriages similar to those conducted by Valentinus continue today.

It never occurred to me, did it you? Christians in unsafe places in the world have to risk life and limb to marry another Christian, to marry the person of their choice! Many times they lose their property and their kids lose the right to education, but they do it anyway! Amazing Christians!

In honor of the true meaning of Valentine's day, I'm off to see Brother Yun - underground Chinese church leader who is speaking at a church here tonight! This is the kind of Valentine's day evening I really want to have!

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Uncle Ben said...

Hearing an underground leader speak sounds very interesting. I hope that you will share what you heard!