Thursday, November 27, 2008

Speaking The Truth In Love.....

or not speaking at all. I like to give my point of view. I like to tell people when I think they are wrong. I feel it is my moral obligation to say if something is morally wrong. And as I think back, the Holy Spirit is helping me to see how I have lost the point of doing this. We must speak the truth in love, or sometimes not speak at all, because we get lost in our cause of trying to be right and lose the cause of love.

Looking back, I can see where I've gone wrong trying to voice my opinion on blogs - and how in trying to defend my point of view, I lost the point.

"Words fitly spoken are like apples of gold in a setting of silver." Proverbs

We will give account for every careless word, it says. I think that we can begin to give account for our careless words now, and get our judgment out of the way early (avoid the rush!)

I have been giving account for some careless words lately, and, realizing how God is saying: "that's OK, I don't need your all-seeing eye, scrutinizing everything everyone does, catching every little thing they do wrong. I am better at seeing what is right and wrong, and I can see further, even into the heart."

Note: the idea "avoid the rush" comes from Burt Rosenberg who says "die early, avoid the rush." That's one of my favorite of his lines!


Helen said...

You are not alone. I have a hard time speaking the truth lovingly sometimes, too. At least we are growing, right?

Sherri said...

"Speaking the truth in love" is one of my favorite scriptures.
It's the difference in making a positive change in someone's life even when our words must be harsh.

People know when your words come from a heart of love, or when you are just angry, disgusted, or pious.

If we could all stop before we speak and ask ourselves, "What is my motive here? DO I want to help the person ? Is my true motive coming from a heart of love?

It could make all he differnce in them receiving what we have to say and then thinking on our words and trying to do something about the situation, or just defendng themselves, covering up or lashing out in anger, making things worse.

Good post.

Gabrielle Eden said...

Yes, we are growing Helen. Good comments ladies.

Sherri said...

I responded to you on my site as well.

Please forgive me for my misunderstanding.
AT first I did take it as a joke, then the comment wouldn't leave my mind.

I just figured, it was better to err on the side of life.

I appreciate you being so understanding.

You need to know something about me... I'm a big dork with a big heart, so sometimes I mess things up.
I can guarantee you on this one though, my motive was love!

Gabrielle Eden said...

Sherri - don't feel bad at all! I just feel bad because I think I embarrassed you! I know you did it in love. I have to watch out for my words!