Sunday, March 22, 2009

Hey! Check Out My New Blog!

I'm at my parents' house and their old computer does some funky things, like it just ruined my post for trying to put a link in here to my new blog.

It is now too late to go find a wireless connection!

I live in the stone age here at my parents' house.

OK, it's the next day and I'm at the coffee shop.

My new blog is "Journey of One Step." You can find it if you go to my profile and will link to it there from now on.

It is where I have essays, stories, and other writings gathered over the years.


sherri said...

How do I get to the site?

Gabrielle Eden said...

Hey Sherri - you can get to it by looking in my profile from now on, but I have a link on this post now - oops!