Saturday, December 27, 2008

Angel With Apples - Not

Turns out the story is fabricated. Here is an article telling about it.

Here is my correspondence with Peter Kubicek who sent me the article:

Dear Ms. Eden,

I tried to post a comment relevant to this story, but appear to have been
unsuccessful. I must have done something incorrect in the required

I am a survivor of 6 German concentration camps who is familiar with this
compelling, but completely fictitious tale. The story has been oft-told and
oft-discredited by serious Holocaust scholars. Should you be interested, you
can e-mail me.

Peter Kubicek

I wrote back:

Honestly, I'm not interested in how true the story is. It's a moving story, that inspires one to believe in love. That's all that matters. Why do you need to spoil it? Don't you see that it doesn't really matter what is true?

That's the thing about art. Art is true. Believing is all that matters. Suspending disbelief is more important than proving what is true. There is a cool quote about how important it is to believe in something meaningful, even if it isn't real in the movie "Secondhand Lions." You should see the movie.

I am a lover of the Jews and can't even imagine the horrors of the concentration camps. God bless you and strengthen you as you manage life trying to live down what you experienced. I will pray for you Peter.

I can imagine that it may bother you the idea that this man might make money off his story if it gets made into a movie and then it would be money made off a lie. But remember - people make money all the time off their cleverness in writing well or making up any clever idea or any form of art. That's the nature of the beast. I get anvious all the time over people like that. But I also say, "more power to them."

Blessing and Happy Hanuakkah Peter.

Dear Gabrielle,

I love reading good fiction, as long as it does not pretend to be more. Fiction masquerading as truth is, at the very least, dishonest.

All I am interested in is the truth — that is of utmost importance to me. Phony stories about the Holocaust, masquerading as truth, diminish the truth and thus diminish me. I find your statements, “I am not interested in how true it is” and “it doesn’t matter what is true” strange and incomprehensible. I guess you will never comprehend me and I will never comprehend you.

Incidentally, the “Apple Over the Fence” fairy tale is not the first Holocaust hoax that has been exposed as a lie. And it will soon join its predecessors as dishonorable and discredited tales. I trust that will not spoil your pleasure.

Merry Christmas to you,


I wrote after reading the article:

I suppose you're right. If he had told the story as fiction that would make it alright. Why didn't he do that? That would have been as powerful, I think. He could say that he thought of the story while in a concentration camp. It does spoil it later to learn that it's not true. Sad.

Thanks for sharing that with me. I just wish it had been a true story.


I wrote again after more thought:

I'm sorry for not being more sensitive to the seriousness of the situation, but I wasn't believing you until I saw the article. Sorry I wasn't believing you but you have to understand. It sounded like maybe you were just bitter, or something. I see now what you are saying.

Just a joke, really, but a red flag went up when the article mentioned Oprah! Oprah is, in my mind, a purveyor of lies. Her belief system is founded in straying from biblical truth. Maybe she promotes some good things on her show, but basically, I don't trust her.

I read your comments after the article and I see what you're saying. Spreading a fabricated story weakens the truth of the Holocaust.
I will publish that article on my blog.

Blessings to you.

Dear Gabrielle,

It is always difficult to say, “I was wrong,” and I give you a lot of credit for doing just that. Since your yesterday’s letter you many have seen that the whole story blew up as a fabrication and at least you saw the truth before others did.



Feel free to write me anytime. Best to you too Peter.



Helen said...

I read the article you linked to. It seems that survivors are concerned that if people can see one story is fabricated, they will overgeneralize and claim that the Holocaust itself was fabricated.
Oh, Oprah gets on my nerves, too. But not as much as Joy Behar. No one gets on my nerves as much as Joy Behar.

Gabrielle Eden said...

Right, Helen. That's what I finally realized Peter was trying to say, and then realized why it would damage the truth of the Holocaust if people find out such a story is not true, after embracing it.

About Joy Behar - I'm not familiar with her, but can imagine what you're talking about.

Pierre said...

Now that his fairy tales were exposed as a hoax, Herman Rosenblat says that his "motive was to make good in this world."

I just came across a New Testament quote wherein Jesus said, "Charity must not be motivated by vanity."

Of course, when it comes to Mr. Rosenblat, vanity could be his middle name.

Peter Kubicek