Monday, December 29, 2008

More Reasons Why I Like Christians

Here are examples of amazing Christians. When we find amazing Christians, it's not just that they do lots of great things for people, since you can find people who can do a lot of things with their time, it's that they are acting in the power of the Holy Spirit and they are bringing about change that will last for eternity - they are bearing spiritual fruit.

The first two examples come from the Mpls. StarTribune. One is of Vernon and Helena Satterfield - a working class couple who adopted four girls despite the fact that they were burned out of their apartment and Vernon lost his job. They serve God and their community faithfully, despite the odds.

The other is of three woman who started the Dorcas Widows Fund after the story of Dorcas in the new Testament. They are raising money for Ugandan widows who were forced out of their homes after their husbands died and the husbands' relatives seized their property.

The third example, coming from Far East Broadcasting company, is of an amazing Christian woman named Ruth who was newly married in 1985, and moved with her husband from Jakarta to South Sulawesi, the Indonesian island of his birth, where they both worked as doctors.

They made many friends, but knowing they were all Muslims made them sad. Their pastor advised them to reach their friends through radio, because they always have their radios on.

Ruth and her husband started to do research and began to write radio programs and train broadcasters. A few years later, the first Far East Broadcating Company broadcast in Sulawesi was finally scheduled to air.

Two weeks prior to the first broadcast, Ruth returned to Jakarta to visit her dying father. While there, she received the devastating news that her husband had collapsed suddenly, and died.

Shocked and grief stricken, Ruth faced the prospect of raising their four children on her own. She was also faced with the decision to return to her family in Jakarta...or stay in Sulawesi to fulfill her husband's dream of sharing Christ through the radio. Ruth waited on the Lord for direction. And His spite of her overwhelming circumstances...was to continue the broadcast. For the next eight years, Ruth completed seminary, managed the daily broadcasts, started two neighborhood centers for children and raised her own kids. She also taught English and served as a translator to earn a living.

Ruth's studio was once bombed and she had to move. She has felt the impact of the spiritual warfare that living in a Muslim nation has caused. Yet many lives have been touched by her ministry. Time does not permit to tell of the many testimonies of those who have been touched by her ministry.

But the point of telling these stories is that I guess it depends on what you look at as to whether or not you like Christians. There are plenty of amazing Christians out there who do amazing things for God. Some go unnoticed, but God knows.

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