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Herb Mjorud's Testimony

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from the Mjorud Evangelistic Association(

Confession of Faith For Healing

The Word reveals that Jesus Christ is the High Priest of our confession (Heb10:21-23). And the word “confession” in the Greek language is homologia, which literally means to speak the same words, that is, to make the Words of the Bible our own words to think and pray in the terms of those words.

And in respect to healing, a Proverb reveals that the Word of God is healing (or medicine) to our flesh and refreshment to our bones. Pr. 3:8

Therefore, a confession of faith in the terms of God’s Word is medicine for healing, and as you may take a prescribed medicine from a doctor several times a day, while you are seeking healing, make a confession of faith for your healing several times a day.

Your confession of faith will increase your faith until it will be life to you and healing to all your flesh.

Early in my own ministry in healing, I heard the testimony of an architect who had been operated upon for cancer but his doctors concluded that his cancer was inoperable after having made the incision and thus they sewed him up and sent him home to die.

However, in his morning devotions, this architect noted the many passages in Scripture that related to the healing of sicknesses so he began writing them down in a tablet and soon had many pages relating to healing sicknesses by faith.

Every morning he would read and pray through these Bible verses. He had been given three months to live by the doctors and it was after the passage of that time that as he was going through these Scriptures one morning that the Lord appeared to him in a vision and said, “Now you are believing! Stretch forth your hand,” which he did and the Lord touched him and healed him instantly.

The wife of a noted pastor and evangelist in Texas, likewise was operated upon for cancer which proved to be melanoma cancer, inoperable and terminal She did the same thing as the architect, writing down in a tablet all the Scriptures she could find on healing.

She had, many healing services especially the elders with the anointing with oil. She was very weak, but she noted that even though several months went by she did not get any weaker. But every day and many times a day she would pray through the Scriptures on healing until one day the Lord obviously touched her and she was totally healed of inoperable, terminal cancer.

The five bouts which I had with cancer in the ‘70s with death facing me on three occasions in three different years, I had healing services with anointing with oil and many who came to me to pray for my healing with the laying on of hands, but I also had many vigils of prayer as I claimed the promises of God as written in the Word and on those three occasions I was healed, praying the terms of Scripture, as a regular regimen.

This is pleasing to the Lord and a means of increasing our faith to open the door for the Lord to heal us of very serious ailments.

Therefore I am moved to share with you how to pray through the Scriptures, trusting that you will find an answer for yourself when severely stricken with sickness and to have a means of helping others who may be stricken with some lingering malady.

He wrote out his pray-reading. See Herb Mjorud’s Pray-Reading The Word.

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